Planting- The Sower and the Seed in your Story

Jesus is the sower who sows with stories… especially the stories of our own lives. Here we look at the parable of the sower and the four types of soil that are in each of us. We also look at this famous painting by Van Gogh and some of the misunderstandings around his life and work.

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Vine39's 40 Days of Fasting

Vine39 is doing “40 Days of Fasting” starting tomorrow Wednesday June 18th. We will conclude with a feasting party on July 28th! July 28th we will have a “pass the mic” Sunday to hear stories about what God does in you during this season.

God will move in you as you take time to tune into God. What you are fasting from and what frequency is up to you. See a short video about the fast here

Expanded Community

The story of the gospel and it’s history around the world is about how it expands, includes, and elevates those formerly ignored and disregarded. We continue to talk about the diverse community in scripture with two key women in the gospels.

Diverse community doesn’t mean people who agree with me but look different. It means the inclusion of whoever our group is tempted to exclude because, as the gospels demonstrate, God will often choose to speak through whoever we are tempted to ignore or reject.

This is what we call a “conversermon” between Vine39 pastor Jim Zartman and pastoral team member Nancy O’Brian