(042) Every Season of the Soul- Psalm 131

What does it mean to trust? Why does this Psalm used the image of a "weaned child" which is unusual in scripture. What is trust in the practical? That is the subject of the day.


1. A song of ascent was a sung while walking up a hill. It was thought that the higher your location the closer you were to God. The opening statement is making it clear that they are ascending to be in close relationship and not taking a position of superiority. What would it mean to be someone of humble ascent? Have you seen this done well?

2. “I do not concern myself with great matters” is the next step. It causes us to consider what we concern ourselves with. How can we engage the path and submit to the mystery? What are we concerning ourselves with that maybe we shouldn’t? What should we engage with and where do we need to allow the trust muscle to grow?

3. The image of the weaned child is one where the child is starting to grow and learn but still trusts and stays close to the parent. Connected but less dependent. How should that look in our lives? Do you have a sense when something should be left to God and when you should take responsibility to step up and act?

4. The point of learning this balance is that we become content. We humbly ascend. We trust God and take responsible steps in our life. Do you think that is what it looks like to put our hope in the Lord? Could that be a practical expression of putting our hope in the Lord? What would that look like in your life?