(009) Vine39- From Here To There- The Spiritual Journey

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You know where you are. That's "Here." But we don't really know where "There" is. It's a vaugue sense of goals and hopes. So how do we get there? How does it start and how does it work? Why does calling often feel like crisis as we are asked to leave what we know and what is expected from us?

You don’t travel alone but the journey is personal

Read Luke 4:16-27. The pattern tends to go like this: You are part of a tribe, family, or tradition. You have an experience of being called or a crisis that pushes you out. There is often some rejection by your tribe or family where there is an expression of “Who do you think you are?”  —  Have you had the experience of being called beyond the way your family or tradition operates or sees the world?

Galatians 5:25 “If we live by the Spirit, let us also keep in step with the Spirit.” To do this we must not run ahead or lag behind but “keep in step.” Most of us have a tendency to either run ahead or lag behind. Which tendency sounds more like your life? How could you be more aware of it today in order to walk in step with the Spirit? What step do you need to take right now?