(054) Further Together- Boundaries Part 1

Scripture often talks about how we need to be more open to the other but it takes wisdom to know what level of access to give and to whom. We often give the wrong voices too much say over our internal world and the right voices less credibility. We all have caverns in our souls from words spoken over us and when we were younger and had no say about those influences. As we grow we must learn to develop healthy boundaries in giving (and sharing) access to our depths in order to become who we need to be and do what we are called to do.

Some influences in your life cannot be helped. Often we don’t choose some of the people we work with, have as neighbors, or are related too. If we cannot put a boundary on our time with these people, are there ways to put boundaries around the depth to which they can influence us?

Some boundaries in relationship are internal. Some are so dangerous we have to take extra steps to create very practical eternal boundaries? Feel free to share or ask for thoughts from others if you feel there is a situation in your life that might require such action.

Boundaries help us engage as our truest self and focus our life’s work. Is there anything currently taking your time and energy in an unhealthy way?

Is there anything that was spoken over your identity as a child that you know wasn’t true but still clings to you? Have you developed boundaries that limits that voice from being reinforced?

Take a moment of meditation and ask God, “Is there a boundary I need to put in place now to fulfill who I’m called to be?” Or, “Have I put up a barrier to out of fear or pain that is limiting my growth?