Spirit- Forward Leaning, Moving, Chaotic

Life Group Questions.

The last century has seen an explosion in “movements of the Spirit” from Izzuza St to today. It was always leaning forward in how it connected groups that had been separate. People of all races, rich and poor, educated and uneducated came together to experience what God was doing. One of the key marking of this moment was people having their own experiences with God and telling those stories. They didn’t just tell stories of what happened in the bible or the distant past but stories of what Spirit was doing in their own community. Since we are still getting to know each other we are going to share stories this week of experiences with God. The could be huge and dramatic stories or subtle intimate experiences of God. Either way lets tell those stories.

  1. Tell a story you heard about God moving from any time in your past that stands out to you and you’ve never forgotten.

  2. Tell a story where you have experienced God’s presence or direct guidance.

  3. Share what you want to see God do in this next season of your life. Then as a group, pray and ask for these things together.